Dyneema Composite Fabric, or DCF, is the new kid on the block when it comes to tent fabrics. It used to be called Cuben Fiber, but the name was changed to Dyneema Composite Fabric when Dyneema acquired Cubic Tech, the company that makes the material. Many people still refer to the material as Cuben Fiber.
A detailed look at my current backpack for ultralight backpacking and hiking trips. It weighs 29 oz and features the Dyneema Composite 5.0 oz/yd fabric, span...
Pack Material. The main difference with V3 versus V2 is the main body on V3 was made with Dyneema Cuben Fiber 2.92 oz Composite Fabric Hybrid CT5K.18/wov.32c instead of LiteSkin 07 (LS07). The LS07 on my V2 backpack is 3.4 oz/yd2 while the Dyneema Cuben Fiber I used is 2.92 oz/yd2.
Sep 17, 2012 · Making your Cuben fiber mitts is of course much easier if you happen to have some leftovers from making a tent or a tarp or two. Cuben fiber is pretty expensive and the tape that you use is even more expensive since it comes in a big roll. The roll is 55 meters however, so till last a long time. Here is how I did: