index.php – When “your latest posts” is set in the front page displays section but home.php does not exist or when front page is set but page.php does not exist. As you can see, there are a lot of rules to what path WordPress takes. Using the chart above is the best way to determine what WordPress will display. Top ↑
Oct 26, 2008 · What I need is to have multiple values all occur (essentially need an AND operator for them), OR if a couple other fields & values exist (but more than one). It seems hard to believe that Sharepoint wouldn’t provide a way to filter based on multiple conditions. But I’m somewhat new to Sharepoint and struggling.
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Navigate to the document library where the checked out file is saved. Select the document(s) to Check in. From the ribbon, click the Files tab, click on "Check In" from the "Open & Check Out" group. In the Check In dialog box, click No for "keep the file checked out after checking it in" option. Click OK.