Jul 24, 2015 · The regulations continue the rule that a parent who is required to leave or cannot obtain full-time employment because of the need to provide care for a child can be an eligible IHSS provider. The regulations also continue the rule that a parent cannot be the IHSS provider when a second parent who is in the home is available to provide care.
Once received, Fresno IHSS Public Authority staff will attempt to contact the provider to re-mail the original W-2. Replacement W-2s cannot be requested until February 24th, 2020. County staff can only order Replacement W-2s for 2016-2019. For 2015 or prior years, IHSS Care Providers will need to contact the IRS directly. Important!
IHSS Public Authority Providers offer personal care-domestic services to those who are elderly, disabled or blind, which allow persons to remain safely in their own homes. An IHSS Homecare Provider is a person who provides personal and domestic services to In-Home Supportive Services eligible Consumers.
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