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Dec 24, 2020 · Let’s look at 3 ways we can Open and Close Doors in Unity, next we’re going to look at 4 methods we can interact with our Doors. Sponsored by Fiverr. I made a Top-Down Shooter in 7 Days!
Review the basics of scripting, including working with variables and functions. Learn to apply scripts directly to objects in your scene and trigger them with a single keystroke. Next, discover how to animate interactions, such as opening doors and drawers, and adjust how animations are triggered with colliders and proximity detection.
Ever wanted to make your door open automatic just like in sci-fi movies? Now you can by following this Instructable. In this instructable we will build a door which can open and close automatically without you touching the door. Ultrasonic sensors on the door will detect you from 50 cm away and will open the door automatic.