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This post explains how to capture and process in javascript the page abandon event that is triggered when the user is about to leave a page. To do this, we add to the “onload” handler of the page a function “setAbandon” that assigns an event handler to the “onbeforeunload” event.
0 $(window).bind('beforeunload', function(){ return ' Your custom message'; }); With ‘beforeunload‘ event attached, when you close the page, hits the back button or reload the page, a confirmation box will prompt to ask you whether you really want to go, choose ok to exit the page: cancel to stop the page from exit and stay on the same page.
Feb 22, 2011 · I was working on a Wordpress project which i need to clear the PHP session when the browser or browser tab is closed. Although Javascript provides the window.onbeforeunload event but it will be triggered even whenever you leave the website.