Mai and Zuko were together ever since they were kids. Part of my fan-fiction is based on Mai’s line, “Don’t you EVER leave me again!”, said to Zuko. Zuko left on being banished with just a note. Zuko left Mai in a prison cell at the “Boiling Rock”. Even being dumped, “You thought wrong.
And yes this paragraph was supposed to be about Mai and Zuko but if you see how little they actually interact, and the few times they have conversations they have bickering even though they're to be a nice, happy couple and when Zuko turned to the 'bad' side in the beginning of Season 3 and was supposed to be happy with his girlfriend, he wasn ...
Prince Zuko: You don't know me! So why don't you mind your own business? Ty Lee: I know you. Prince Zuko: No, you don't! You're stuck in your little Ty Lee world where everything's great all the time. Mai: Zuko, leave her alone. Prince Zuko: "I'm so pretty! Look at me! I can walk on my hands! Woo!" Circus freak.
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